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Kuzhivelippady Juma Masjid – 2022


Masjid Committee





Since its inception in 2022, the construction of the Kuzhivelippady Juma Masjid in Kochi has been a monumental endeavor, poised to redefine the architectural landscape of the region. Spanning an impressive 45,000 square feet upon completion, this grand mosque will not only serve as a beacon of religious devotion but also symbolize the rich cultural tapestry of the community. Its meticulously designed structure embodies a fusion of traditional Islamic architectural elements with modern sensibilities, creating a space that fosters tranquility and spiritual contemplation.

As the finishing touches are applied, the Kuzhivelippady Juma Masjid is poised to become a hub of community engagement, welcoming worshippers from diverse backgrounds to come together in unity and reverence. Through its towering minarets and intricate detailing, the mosque stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of faith and harmony, enriching the social fabric of Kochi for generations to come.

About The Client

The Kuzhivelippady Juma Masjid Committee is a dedicated group of individuals entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the development and management of the mosque project in Kochi. Comprising members from various walks of life, including religious scholars, community leaders, and local stakeholders, the committee works tirelessly to ensure the smooth progress of construction and the efficient functioning of the mosque upon completion. Their collective efforts involve strategic planning, fundraising initiatives, and liaising with relevant authorities to adhere to regulatory requirements.

Through their unwavering commitment and collaborative spirit, the Kuzhivelippady Juma Masjid Committee serves as a driving force behind the realization of this architectural marvel. Their vision extends beyond the physical structure, aiming to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive space where people can come together in prayer, contemplation, and fellowship. As stewards of this cherished institution, the committee members uphold the values of unity, compassion, and service, enriching the spiritual and cultural fabric of the community.


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